Book Reviews

Did you know that you can submit a review of your favourite library book?

Follow the steps and become one of Arbutus’ book review authors.

  • Go to the library homepage. 
  • Click on “create account.”  You will need to input your last name and student number (you know…the one you use   to log into a computer)
  • Find the title that you want to review(you may want to do a search under “library search.”
  • Click on the reviews tab
  • Click on “add a review.”
  • Rate the book from 1 to 5 stars
  • Add your comments. Be professional and add details as to why you like your book and why I should read it.
  • Add your display name (first name and a last initial works) Don’t use your last name.
  • Click “save”

Your review will be checked by the staff and published.  Minor corrections may be done or we will touch base with you on suggested improvements.

Have fun.

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